Monday, January 20, 2014

Singles Can Still Be Poly

More often than I can consider coincidental, people are puzzled as to how I can identify as polyamorous at times when I am currently participating in fewer than two loving relationships.  It seems that in the minds of many, polyamory is merely a particular practice -- that is, the practice of being in multiple simultaneous loving relationships.

While this may be true for many, for me polyamory is much more about who I am, rather than what I do or the situation in which I find myself.  What makes me polyamorous is my capacity for loving others and my desire to share love with more than just one person...not the number of boyfriends I have.

Yet, some folks don't quite get this.  Not just monogamous folks who've heard about polyamory and don't really "get it", but also many couple-centric polys and polyfidelitous folks as well.  They seem to think that it's nothing more than a lifestyle choice -- like opting to live in a city rather than the suburbs.  Perhaps that's all polyamory really is to some.  To me it's less of a choice and more of an orientation.  It's not a sexual orientation.  It's more like the orientation of my heart.

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